Reasons to Avoid Reading App Store Ratings

While it is popular to buy android app ratings in order to boost your app’s visilibilty in the Google Play Store, you should be cautious about such ratings from app stores, and here’s why:

1. It’s often not hands-on
This is probably one of the most surprising drawbacks of app store ratings. They’re often made by people who have never actually used the app. That’s a big issue if you want to learn not only about the app’s form, but also its function. Fortunately, you can find app reviews/ratings at other sources that will be more hands-on in terms of the appl.

2. It’s often in the middle of clutter
When you read app reviews/ratings from an app store, you often have to sift through white noise such as complaints, tech support issues, etc. That’s definitely a drawback when you just want to get info/reviews about a particular smartphone app. It’s yet another reason to consider other options besides app store reviews.

3. It’s often not objective
App reviews/ratings at app stores are often written by app developers before the product is launch, in order to give the app a PR boost. The problem is that shoppers end up getting subjective info. Sometimes the “reviews” even include troll aspects, so it’s less obvious that the review/rating is actually a shameless plug for an app.