Not Enough Followers on Twitter?

Why do people get too much attached to the social media networks? Answers could be different as people have their different personalities as well. Some would be just for fun, some others is because they really don’t have much real friends to talk to in person, some just wants to be famous while some needs to do it for a personal or business need as the world now dictates.

Twitter, among any others is the fastest way for you to share something and have it read by more or less 300 million people around the world, this is of course if you have a lot of followers in your account. Some users would


Reasons to Avoid Reading App Store Ratings

While it is popular to buy android app ratings in order to boost your app’s visilibilty in the Google Play Store, you should be cautious about such ratings from app stores, and here’s why:

1. It’s often not hands-on
This is probably one of the most surprising drawbacks of app store ratings. They’re often made by people who have never actually used the app. That’s a big issue if you want to learn not only about the app’s form, but also its function. Fortunately, you can find app reviews/ratings at other sources that will be more hands-on in terms of the appl.

2. It’s often in the middle of