How to Make a Phone Call with Whatsapp

Do you know that you can also make a phone call with an app? Yes, all you have to do is to install whatsapp. This application will make it far easier for you to call someone, without having to be charged with an international rate. Basically, it is all but free! How is this possible? Well, the app uses your phone’s net connection instead of making use of your phone’s voice minutes. However, one thing though is that you might have data charges, unless you are using an unlimited internet connection.

Whether your friends are living in another country, you can very well make that call. This feature of Whatsapp is only available for Blackberry 10, Windows Phone, iPhone and Android. Make sure, your phone is any of the ones mentioned in order to make that call. Another thing, you cannot access emergency service numbers like 911 via Whatsapp. With this, you need to make use of your phone’s voice minutes to do so. Other than that, you can call those friends of yours who do have Whatsapp on their phone as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Install Whatsapp now and start calling your friends like you used to before.