Games Like Ultimate Naruto RPG

There is wide range of MMORPG games available online and the Ultimate Naruto RPG is one of the most popular games among them. Naruto video games have appeared on wide range of consoles, as the manga and anime series have gained wordwide recognition over the past decade. Clash of Ninja is first instalment from Naruto, and there are many other MMORPG games that are available for playing online:

  • Tera – TERA stands for The Exiled Realm of Arborea. This free game fantasises massive players online as players get to select between eight different classes and seven different races while the adventuring all across the globe fighting evil. Gamers can play it for free or they can join subscription model for unlocking several new features as well as shorten their cool down timers.
  • Therian Saga – This is another free of cost game that can be played using MMO RPG browser. Players here will be stepping into realm of adventure and fantasy as they journey to newly found continent in the Therian Saga, following path of their own, training skills of their own as well as becoming legend characters that will be remembered for their deeds.
  • Echo of Soul – This game is all about devastating war taking place between Giants and Gods. Giant King Ymir got defeated by blood of his manifested into entity called Shadow Soul that aims destroying World tree as well as all creations. There are chosen heroes of God who will be destroying evil for the good.
  • War Thunder – Here gamers take to sky in military themed World War second allowing gamers to fight on ground where they’ll be armoured with vehicles or aircrafts.
  • Warframe – This is heart-pumping, fast-paced 3rd person shooter game focussing on PVP as well as Co-op PvE gameplay. It is set in future sci-fi world thereby allowing gamers to take on role as Tenno who is futuristic warrior armed awoken recently with Warframe exoskeleton of their own offering then unimaginable power and unique abilities as they keep fighting their enemies.
  • Shaiya – This RPG game can be played free of cost where gamers would be adventuring across fantasy realm and slaying fearsome beasts as well as recovering potent weapons that will assist them in their task.
  • Eden Eternal – This is another excellent game that can be played as its MMORPG styled transporting players to mystical creatures land, fantasy landscapes, and dangerous monsters.

In the Ultimate Naruto RPG, gamers will have control on one character within Naruto manga or anime. Simple aim is fighting opposing character as well as winning by zeroing their health. There are wide ranges of weapons that are available to characters in addition to different kinds of abilities. Characters are also having specific transformations that are available to them. There are approximately four to five series of Ultimate Ninja that one can enjoy. There are Chakra levels like blue, purple, and red which need to be maintained in order to be in the game.