Daily Grommet

Daily Grommet is a web site that tells you about one cool product every day. There’s a video showing all about it, as well as a written description, and you can click through if you want to buy it. Some of the products tend to be oriented towards women, but not all of them. The “product” also also sometimes a worthy charitable organization. Jules calls each product a grommet.

The company was founded by my friend, Jules Pieri. She and her team carefully test each product. In fact, Jules once recruited me to help test out a new kind of American caviar. (She provided champagne as well; it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.) The only other member of the team I’ve met so far is Nataly Kogan, the Chief Community Officer and a great entrepreneur as well. I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of the team; their office is very close to where I live.

I have bought four or five products through Daily Grommet, some as presents for my wife (shh, don’t tell her yet!) and friends, and some for myself. The coolest one I’ve bought so far is the “foodloop” Trussing Tool, which is like a reusable cable tie (sorry, I’m an engineer) that you can put around food, instead of using twine. I gave these to my wife, and my friends Ed and Scott, all of whom are experienced cooks, and they all liked them a lot. You can buy past grommets (click on “Past Grommets”).

If you know of any product that would make a good grommet, please send mail to them.

(Note: I have no financial interest in this company, nor any business ties at all. I just like it, and Jules is my friend.)