Quality Over Quantity Over at ECTS?

ECTS, Britain’s answer to E3, hit London between the 7th and 9th of September. But did it give faithful Nintendo owners any of the games they deserve?


Olympia, in Kensington, the annual home of the ECTS computer games trade show, Is not the Georgia Dome. Instead of five floors, It has two. Instead of being seven minutes long, irs two minutes. (Although, invariably, that’s cut down If people walk straight rather than weaving a line in front of you like they’re auditioning for Fame.) More significantly, though, while E3 gave a tantalising glimpse of what Nintendo are up to, ECTS gave a tantalising glimpse of what they’re not.

Banjo-kazooie? Nope. Conker’s Quest? No. Diddy Kong Racing? Oooooh, no. Starfox? Yep. Shadows of the Empire? Mrnm. Pilotwirigs? Tsch. Super Mario? Yessss. GoldenEye 007 was, thankfully, present, but in all honesty it was left to third-party publishers — mainly Konami and Acclaim — to try to salvage something NM-like from a distinctly PlayStation and PCdominated show.

Still, however small Nintendo’s stand was, they can at least seek solace in the fad that Sega were ten times worse off, and hidden away in an adjacent hotel. The once fierce battle between Nintendo and Sega seems to have been won, in Europe and America at least, by Nintendo. Sony are now definitely the ones to worry about, (Their stand, unsurprisingly, was mightily impressive).

But the good news for any NM patriot is that there’s likely to be six or seven new. top-quality games out for the machine come Christmas. Nintendo themselves have signed up the rights to publish Top Gear Rally, Lamborghini 64 and Bornberman 64 over here, and there’s also going to be the phenomenally good GoidenEye 007 (which is being optimised for its PAL release so it’ll be — shock — even better) and the almost-certain Mario Kart-beater Diddy Kong Racing. Add to that Blast Corps and (sigh) Lylat Wars and 1998 could see a far closer race between Nintendo and Sony.

Both, Acclaim and Konami, though, were showing games that hadn’t been playable at E3. Acclaim had NFL QuarterBack ‘98, Forsaken and multi-player Extreme G, while Konami let loose Nagano Winter Olympics and beat-’em up G.A.S.P!!, as well as a rolling video demo of NBA In the Zone ‘98. Other third party companies showing off N64 games were T•HQ with grapple-fest WCW vs. NWO, Ocean with Wetrix, DMA with Silicon Valley and GT with San Francisco Rush, Quake 64 and Duke Nukem 64. (Creations were there as well bit they were being a bit mysterious.) Still, the PlayStation started off slowly, and look where it is now…

So I Played Minecraft for Free

It’s 3:00 PM, and the front door abruptly slams open. My two boys came home from school and rushed towards their computers because there’s apparently a Minecraft server event or something going on and they absolutely wouldn’t miss it. Sound familiar? Sure, there are other games that the world’s youth have been exposed to like meth at a crackhouse, but Minecrack–I mean Minecraft–is just one of those games you can’t forget, even 7 years after its original release date.

What the F*ck is Minecraft?

Minecraft is the best-selling PC game in history. Its popularity has grown immensely over the last few years and it shows no sign of slowing. The platform options have extended from PC to console gaming as well. This has only fueled the game’s sales and made it even more accessible to the public. Both boys and girls love Minecraft which is a rare quality to find in games today. There is also a very large age range of the people who play Minecraft and it often gets gamers interested in coding to create mods for the game; a skill that they can use throughout their lives.

Why Are its Graphics Sh*t?
It doesn’t promise amazing graphics and it is known for its blocky appearance. Although this may turn some gamers off, Minecraft has something to offer every type of gamer. You have an incredible amount of freedom in this game but you can also have goals and move toward an ultimate ending to the game. There are aspects of building and completing everyday tasks that appeal to gamers who enjoy simulation games. At the same time there are opportunities to fight zombies and build weapons for those who enjoy more action-packed games.

How is this Game Fun?
Having an overwhelming amount of freedom can be a turn off at first. However, there are hundreds of guides written and websites created that are dedicated solely to informing gamers about Minecraft gameplay. This makes it a lot easier for gamers to decide how they want to play the game and make learning the different possibilities quicker and easier. Even if you don’t use these guides, the game is fairly easy to learn and navigate on your own. Not using the guides also provides a greater sense of adventure and surprise for gamers.

Minecraft has the option to not only play single player, but to play with other gamers as well. While single player is an opportunity to choose your own path and create your own adventure, some aspects of the game can be more fun with other players. You can both work together to complete the tasks you want to finish or discuss different ideas to make your experience more exciting. Other players can teach you new skills and you can share your knowledge with them as well. If you have friends who play Minecraft, you can use the game to bond with them or as a fun activity to do when you hang out.

The best thing about Minecraft is that the freedom allows each gamer to use their imagination as much or as little as they want. You can build an entire city from scratch or blow things up with TNT. The options are truly endless which gives the game a lot of charm. It isn’t a surprise that this game is so popular. Every single person can find at least one aspect of this game that they enjoy. You can do as much or as little as you want in the game and the gameplay will last as long as you choose.

If you’d like to give Minecraft a try, check out minecraftforfreex.com. They have a free version that you can instantly play from your browser; and yes, you can even play online!

Never Miss a Birthday Again

Looking for the perfect birthday card can be very easy since not only it is available on different stores but also online. Electronic cards are just like any other greeting cards only they are sent to your email. Some of them may have animations, music and even video or voice recording, depending on the website where you are getting your personalized přání k narozeninám.

Upon receiving your e-card, you also have the option to print them, in case you wanted something to keep physically and not just whenever you access your computer.

Aside from this, there are also several other ways to send you birthday greetings to other people. With so many free apps that you can download on your mobile devices, as well as websites providing different free birthday cards, you can now post them via Facebook, twitter and other social media network sites. You can also send animated stickers on chat applications on you smart phones like Viber, What’s App and Line.

Sending birthday cards online can also help you not forget an upcoming event. Online sites can even offer you scheduled cards to be delivered to the celebrant’s email; this makes sure that they receive the card even if you are busy with something else on the same day.

Branded vs. Cheaper Mobile Phones

With so many mobile phones coming out of the market nowadays, it really gets hard to choose which would be the best for all your needs. Some phones are really expensive especially those that are branded, however, there are cheaper phones that have exactly the same specs only their brands are not that popular yet, so would you consider them?

Naturally, the answer would be no. most people are still afraid to try on cheaper brands with the mindset of that they won’t work well, that they may easily get broken and so many more reasons. However, thanks to the internet, you will also see thousands of videos of people posting these cheaper phone brands and actually testing them on how they really work first hand.

Let’s face it, the most expensive phones that you may have right now will be replaced after a year or a few months with an even better processor or other specs that made you buy it. The cheaper phones are more or less half the price of the branded phones and basically, they have the same features but different manufacturers. You save more, get the same, and be able to replace your phone more often compared to expensive phones that you have to deal with for more or less 2 years until you are able to buy the newest one again.

Deciding on the things that you will be doing on your phone is very important to make sure you are getting the right features and be able to narrow down your choices. Do you call and text a lot, send emails or play games too? Some games that you play may require better video resolution, some time management games may require bigger space on the phone, so make sure you know what you want before you decide to buy.

The Baybridge Houses and Condos

The 660 units located in the Baybridge condos in Bayside New York is one of the most admired places in the area that is great for people who are single and those who have families as well. It has a great view of the Throgs Neck Bridge and beautiful community surrounding the complex.

Upon entering Baybridge condominiums, you will notice the beautiful landscapes around the streets and the grand design of the houses together with its amenities. Condo units have different sizes to choose from, one, two and three bedroom where in some will have their own patios and a nice view of the bridge. On the other hand, those who wish to have more space, especially if living with the whole family may choose from the two or three bedroom duplex and triplex type of houses.

Baybridge condos also have a lot to offer its homeowners, starting with their swimming pools where in one is an outdoor while the other is an indoor pool. There might actually be no need for people to leave the place except when working since there are so many activities that can be done as well. Tennis courts are ready to be used, jog around the running track while the fitness center is also available for everyone.

Sauna and steam rooms are also part of the facilities while there are exercise classes that anyone may join. There are also events that take place every now and then that is for both families and singles alike.

The complex is also secure and gates to ensure safety to its homeowners. This is great news especially to those who have children who loves to play around so that the parents would have peace of mind that their kids are safe when inside Baybridge condos all the time.

Most Popular Vintage Cars for Rent

Vintage car rentals New York has become fairly popular in the last few years because of people changing their preference from grand limo to vintage cars for weddings and other special occasions. People are even willing to take out a vintage car to their road trips as it helps them find an escape in the history and its great fun driving one of those classic cars, especially the ones released prior to 1960s.

If you are planning to rent a vintage car for a road trip or your special day, here are some of the most popular cars that you can easily rent in New York.

  • 1940s Austin Princess
  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Aston Martin
  • Bentley Arnage
  • Beauford Open Tourer from 1030s
  • Bramwith

If you check rental prices for these cars with any vintage car rentals New York, you will find out that most of these are going to be out of your budget. These are super expensive models because of their demand and antiquity. Some of them can cost you nearly $800 so be careful about pricing and look around to find the best quote.

If these vintage car rentals New York are out of your range, you can opt for some cheaper alternatives. They may not be the most popular vintage cars in the country but still they are great and give you a nostalgic feeling when driving any of these.  Here are some alternatives that won’t cost as much as an Aston Martin or a Bentley Arnage.

  • Karmann Ghia: This is a rare model and you may not find it with most vintage car rentals New York. However, if you find one with your favorite rental company, you may get it for a lot cheaper than the cars mentioned above. This model was originally manufactured by a German manufacturer but it was purchased by Volkswagen. It was one of the most popular rides of its time and during 1970s it was the most imported car in the US.
  • Mini Cooper: What could be better than a Mini Cooper classic model? Majority of vintage car rentals New York companies have the famous 1960s Mini Cooper model. This model was among the most popular Mini Cooper till date. This ride was originally manufactured in the UK. The only problem with this model is that it isn’t as fast as some of the other models so you will have to drive it slow even if you are a run-away groom.
  • Volkswagen Beetle: Volkswagen Beetle is yet another German model that became extremely popular in the US. If you ask vintage car rentals New York about the most famous vintage rentals, they are definitely going to name this model.
  • Drive a Ferrari: There can’t be a replacement for a Ferrari especially when you can rent one in New York and for cost that’s within your budget. You can rent any model depending on availability and your choice. Almost every vintage car rental in New York has a few Ferrari models available.

How to Save on Your Gaming Expenses

Getting anything for free is one of the best things that can happen to you, and when it comes to the gaming world, getting a free game that is supposed to be expensive when bought is just complete happiness.

I have been an avid player of different games on different devices and consoles and I must say I have spent a lot on some games in order for me to level up, upgrade and even pre-order the newest titles. Whether mobile devices or other gaming consoles, they all make a good fortune on the games and apps the sell and we, the consumer, just can’t help but patronize them.

I am not saying they’re bad, but what’s bad is if you spend too much more that you can afford, I guess this is also the reason why some genius programmers spend some time trying to hack on this things and make it free for most of us.

If you are using an android phone or tablet, you have the option to root your device and have those paid apps for free. Those games that costs a lot to download can be yours for free plus you also get to save some space on the phone or tablet since you are now able to remove unnecessary apps that eats up most of your device storage.

On the other hand, if you love playing games on the phone, games like Clash of Clans, Sims, Grand Theft Auto and much more popular games, chances are, you will also be able to find some game hacks that you can download in order to get gold, coins, gems or whatever it is that the game use.

When it comes to game consoles like PlayStation, you can get free PSN codes 2015 that you can use in order to load your PlayStation Network account with money and use it to buy the games, movies and TV shows that you wanted. There is a code generator program that you need log on then you will be asked on what denomination of PlayStation gift card you would like to have, choose $10, $20 or $50, you can even get the 1 year PlayStation Plus subscription values at $49.99.

These free PSN codes really works and a lot of gamers are already using them as well, especially now that there are so many upcoming popular game titles that can be pre-ordered from the PlayStation store.

As technology becomes more advanced, so does the system of those people developing programs to hack or crack the codes in order to get something for free. While not all websites offer honest free service, you can still find some who really wanted to help.

Gaming is really addictive; it takes your money and your time but is a good diversion as long as you don’t end up sitting on the couch the whole day and not eating your meals or not meeting other people anymore. Discipline is very important especially to the younger generations who are too much exposed to computers nowadays

Denied AD&D policy – How to Cut Costs?

When someone’s AD&D claim is denied, chances are that the person will need to hire a lawyer to help. Lawyers charge a lot of money and not everyone can afford taking help from a specialized AD&D lawyer. For this reason, you should work on cutting the costs of the claim and therefore save money.

The major problem with cost of AD&D claims is the way majority of organizations approach this type of claims. They work inefficiently and waste time when working on denied AD&D claim. Ideally, one should be proactive to make the most from a denied claim situation or simply hire professional help the first time to avoid repetitive claims and denials.

You should seek professional help the first time you have to handle the denied AD&D claim to make sure that the costs stay low and you don’t have spend months waiting for response from insurance company. A good company will ensure that the process is automated so that claims are automatically routed to the accurate and appropriate individual within the company. If there are some adjustments that you don’t want to work, a good company will always be happy to ignore them and avoid wasting time.

What is Clash of Kings?

Our mobile phones are now full of applications that you can download from different applications stores such as Android’s Play Store and iOS’ App Store depending on what device you are using. It could be games, productivity apps or music related, while any of these would surely help us in times that there is nothing left to do or when we are not busy with work an all.

Some games are fun to play for a few minutes or hours while some just needs more time or regularly checking on them like Clash of Kings since you have to check on your kingdoms status from time to time. Clash of Kings is another game that requires good strategy so that you could win most battles and defend your empire from attacks from your enemies, which happens to be other players too.

If you currently play Clash of Kings, you would also notice that there are just not enough resources that you can use to upgrade or buy in game needs especially when it comes to gold coins. This is also why it’s best to have clash of kings cheats that you can depend on if your need unlimited gold, silver and woods

Tips for Choosing a Top Carpet Cleaning Service in London

When it comes to finding a carpet cleaning London service, you will have numerous options to make a choice. Tons of cleaners have started offering low prices and majority of them use only eco-friendly and toxic-free chemicals during the cleaning process.

Despite majority of cleaners in London offering nearly similar type of services, everyone isn’t going to make you happy. Some cleaners will use harsh chemicals without first testing the fabric while others will fail to remove all stains and dirt. Therefore, it is important that you only pick the best cleaners so that you can always be confident of a new and stain-free carpet after your cleaner has returned it. Here are some tips that will help you make the right decision.

  • Find a carpet cleaning London service that only uses clean and non-toxic chemicals. You don’t want to pollute the environment just to speed up the cleaning process.
  • Make sure that the cleaning service pre-inspects your carpets to determine the quality of fabric. This will ensure that the cleaner uses detergents and chemicals that will not damage your carpet fabric.
  • You don’t want to ask a cleaner for service if the cleaner doesn’t offer quality customer support. You want someone who informs you about the entire cleaning process and answers you whenever you call.
  • Make sure that the carpet cleaning London company is insured. You don’t want to let a service provider come to your home for cleaning unless it is insured. A cleaner without insurance will not compensate you for any loss that may occur during the cleaning process.
  • Ask the carpet cleaning London about the procedure they use for cleaning. Do they consider using steam before moving to dry clean? How do they decide about using detergents and chemicals? All these things will matter and you should check before contacting the cleaning company for services.