Where to Find Free Crowns for Wizard101

couronnes gratuit

Wizard101 is free to download and play; but like other free games, it requires the players to go through hefty spending during gameplay as the games starts becoming addictive and there is need for advancing. Crowns are Wizard101 premium currency. You need crowns to unlock new areas in the Spiral Universe for example.

However, the number of crowns provided in the onset is inadequate to take you far. Henceforth, you will be required to purchase crowns which are essentially the game’s currency or purchase membership which grants access to all areas for a limited time period.

Obviously, these purchases will add to your expenditures and you may opt for a cheaper way to go around it. Here we will provide you with a free lead on everything to do with free Wizard101 crowns. You need to have as many crowns as possible in your Wizard101 account. Free crowns can help you unlock new zones so that you can explore other areas.

Among others, the best ways to find couronnes gratuit sur wizard101 are as listed below:

  1. Using FreeKI games trivia.
  2. Using the invite a friend program.
  3. Free Wizard101 membership for example by joining or signing up with PrizeRebel.
  4. Gameplay tricks and cheats.
  5. Running a Wizard101 crown generator, etc.

FreeKI games trivia in the website KIfreegames.com gives out 10 free Wizard101 crowns for every 75% plus score you obtain upon completing some fun quizzes. You can also earn a lot of bonuses when you answer those simple quizzes. That’s rather free considering the much that some people spend in cash purchasing game cards and crowns from in-game purchases.

Under the “Invite a friend” program, you are required to invite a friend or family member to join. You will not only have more fun by playing against them but also gain 1250 Wizard101 crowns for each new person who creates a new Wizard101 account and makes a single $6 or more purchase on that Wizard101 account. The new friend or family member who has joined will get 1250 crowns as well; that’s a plus for both sides.

Signing up with Prize Rebel and other legit alike websites will grant you free membership of Wizard101. This will grant you access to all areas for a limited time period.

There are a number of cheats and tricks you can use to gain free Wizard101 crowns. To gain about 5,000 crowns, you can visit the link provided previously, where you will receive a code that will help you unlock crowns absolutely free. These codes are provided by friends who will receive additional crowns as well when you make a purchase of $6 or more.


Crowns can be purchased by a game card or from the online store of which the latter will come at a cost. You can easily do away with these expenses if you use free Wizard101 crowns which are proven to be working and safe enough so as not to have your Wizard101 flagged.

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